Daniele Frau


Daniele Frau

Where I’m going to speak about myself in the third person in English

Questa la versione in Italiano.

Daniele Frau

Early years

Born in Cagliari (Sardinia) in 1987, he suddenly started to speak a language, later called “Daniele Frau” (all rights reserved). After 18 long years, he had his diploma in Teaching and Psychology, and he was ready for University.


First, it was the University of Cagliari, where Daniele Frau graduated in Languages for International Communication. He studied Arabic, English, Russian (A1), and Chinese (A1) in external university courses. In the meantime, in 2007 and 2009, he decided to improve the Arabic language in Tunis. Why Tunis? Simply because he was already working and living by himself, and Bourguiba University is a cheap but high standard university.


But Daniele Frau wasn’t so happy about it. He wanted more. In 2010, he arrived in Rome and decided to enter first in ISIAO (Institution for Africa and Orient). He received the Three Years Diploma in Arabic Language, and then he subscribed at Roma Tre University. Here he studied Arabic and English and graduated in 2014.


Daniele Frau (which is still me speaking in the third person) started pretty early to work. Later on, he decided to start a dealer career with good results, but it wasn’t enough. His dream was translating and writing, and step by step begun collaborating with websites, blogs, and translating offices.


Today Daniele Frau is currently flying around the world working for a famous airline, taking inspirations for his books. Yes, started in 2018, Flyingstories.org is now the leading website he’s running. The main story is about a dealer of soul, but more stories will come (in Italian and English).

In January, the Italian version of the book Souls Alive became a real book (I mean, with a cover and all). Have a look!

Stay tuned!

That’s about it, my friends. If you want to have more detailed information, just check the Linkedin of Daniele Frau. Boring stuff, though. I worked, I studied, and so on.

Do you need to contact me? Fill up the form below and I’ll come back to you as soon as I’ll land!

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