My new project comes to live

Every now and then I was thinking if it was right to put new stuff on this big ocean called Internet. With flyingstories I decided not to put anything else if not some stories from our travels around the world, some languages courses and some stories coming straight from my fantasy. What else? Just have a look!


22th April, Earth Day

just love- Daniele Frau

22th April, Earth Day

Have a look to this video!

We have to notice that our planet is going to be destroyed by ourselves by a ghost? I don’t really think so. Let’s change every day our habits to get a new chance to Eart.


How hijack technology!

pepper hacker

How hijack tecnology!

pepper hacker


How technology hijacked us

Some days ago I was wondering about technology has changed our lives. At dinner’s time we are used to speak about the day, at school or at work. Now everyone is technology- addicted. Tv, I-something and computers are our new friends. Sometimes we’re more close to a friend 3000 km away than our father or mother.

A great idea

So, using the same technology sometimes I hate, I’ve discovered a new invention which makes me smile. I’m talking about the pepper hacker. It is or it is not the wonderful idea ever?

Let’s look to this video and have a nice day!

Web Radio

radio statistics

Web Radio

statistiche radio
statistiche radio

New Birth

Today we’re experiencing the second birth of radio. Almost 120 years had passed (119 years, precisely) since Guglielmo Marconi discovered this incredible media. Today, after years of silence, radio kills the tv stars!

Some statistics

News technologies are changing the world in many fields, and media and marketing is the most changeable of this fields. Many people says “radio is a dead media, without future”. But you know what? I don’t think that, and statistics support my thesis. As I’ve already explained in my posts in other blogs, web radio is increasing every day its audience and people working in media/                         communication have to know that. Who says that? Statistics, like that.

Italy, Europe, USA, World?

Nowadays with web radio stations is not easy to know precisely what our audience is. Every countries have different cultures and different approaches, and as usual different statistics. In Germany for example stats reveal a 10% teenagers using web radio not just for music, but for information, too. Pandora, iheart e itunesradio are the most used worldwide radio platforms.

How to open a radio

Launch a new radio channel has never been so easy. You have just to follow a course, in which you understand the basis of radio and then you’ll become a speaker! I did the same and the last week I get started with my idea to have a show (I did it in Rome) with singers, actors and dancers ON AIR! And you know what I experienced? People LOVE radio!

Di: Daniele Frau

The Next Windows Is Coming Way Sooner Than We Thought

windows 10

Noop, I’ve barely understood how to manage W8!


The next generation of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 10, will launch as early as this summer, executives revealed during a developers’ summit in Shenzhen, China Tuesday.

“We continue to make great development progress and shared today that Windows 10 will be available this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages,” said Microsoft executive vice president Terry Myerson.

Myerson added in a separate interview with Reuters that Microsoft would take the unprecedented step of making the upgrade available for free, even to “non-genuine” Windows users, he said, in an oblique reference to pirated versions of the operating system.

Myerson framed the decision as an attempt to “re-engage” users in China, where lax copyright protections have created a massive market for unlicensed versions of the software. Upwards of three-quarters of commercial software in China is unlicensed, according to a global survey by industry analysts at BSA.

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A new blog!


A new Blog



I’ve made a new blog, Ciblog. All graphics are mine and original, made using the app Canvas. This app is so useful and you are able after few minutes to create something really astonishing! It’s up to you and your imagination.

My blog

My first blog is about my cooperative, SSP Coop, based in Cagliari and Rome, since 2013. I translate from English and Arabic to Italian and with SSP (you can find it on FB and Linkedin, too) I’m able to customize marketing strategies, or simply blogs and sites experience.

Why not?

So, why don’t you send me an e-mail or call me via Skype? (my account is SHA3RUTHEPOET). Let’s try my services, from translation to operative marketing!

Daniele Frau

Daniele Frau

Daniele Frau

daniele frau
Daniele Frau

Chi sono

Dopo aver conseguito la laurea triennale presso l’Università degli Studi di Cagliari in Lingue e Comunicazione (2010), Daniele Frau ottiene con il medesimo indirizzo la laurea magistrale in Lingue Moderne per la Comunicazione Internazionale presso l’Università degli Studi di Roma 3 (2013). Le lingue studiate sono la lingua araba e inglese.

Nel 2009 ottiene l’attestato CEDILS presso l’Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia e nel 2011 conclude la triennale presso l’istituto ISIAO (Min. Esteri) per la lingua araba.  Segue inoltre dal 2007 al 2009 i corsi intensivi di lingua araba presso l’Istituto Bourguiba di Tunisi per migliorare la lingua araba.

A partire dai 18 anni, inizia la sua esperienza nel marketing diretto, nella vendita per grandi marchi, quali la Nokia, tramite l’agenzia SPM di Cagliari. Vendita diretta, pubblicità e contatto con il pubblico saranno al centro del lavoro svolto presso l’agenzia Capoterra 2000.

A soli 20 anni lavora come interprete per la I Fiera del Lavoro promossa dalla Provincia di Cagliari, in qualità di interprete di inglese, francese e spagnolo.

Inizia a tradurre per siti Internet quali Come Don Chisciotte e Arabpress, traducendo dalla lingua inglese e araba verso la lingua italiana.

Nel 2011 inizia una collaborazione con Atlasital di Haddadi Bouchra, ufficio sito a Roma a pochi metri dall’Ambasciata del Regno del Marocco. In questo periodo inizia anche l’insegnamento della lingua italiana per stranieri, spesso di madrelingua araba.

Dal 2011 inizia a seguire corsi di marketing forniti dall’ente formativo IFOA e inizia a tradurre in maniera continuativa per Arietekite, Farofilm (documentario RAI), SSP-Coop, e in maniera occasionale per numerose imprese.

Tra il 2012 e il 2013 collabora come stagista traduttore per Roma Traduzioni e inizia a lavorare come responsabile comunicazione e marketing presso la SSP-COOP a Cagliari e Kinesisart a Roma.

Nel 2013 segue il corso a Roma organizzato da Studio Samo per migliorare le proprie caratteristiche nel campo del web marketing.

Nel 2014 intraprende il lavoro di mediatore culturale per la Sicomoro Coop., aiutando i richiedenti asilo politico nel loro inserimento e gestendo una casa di accoglienza.

Oggi è consulente marketing e comunicazione e traduttore presso SSP-COOPMuletti Dappertutto, collabora con ISIDEAS e con numerose altre aziende, con le quali offre consulenza anche in veste di progettista per bandi regionali ed europei.

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